When a loved one goes missing, the first logical step is always to file a missing person report with local police. Detectives perform an intake narrative, and collect any and all information from the family they can before developing a strategy for the search. However, after weeks and weeks with no answers, the family of a missing person may wish to seek a second opinion by hiring a missing person investigator. When your loved one goes missing, consider the services of Lauth Investigation International and Thomas Lauth, the best missing person investigator in the Midwest.

The Missing Person Division of Lauth Investigations International is one of the oldest entities in our business. Our CEO Thomas Lauth founded Lauth Investigations International over 30 years ago with the intent of using his diverse discipline in private investigations and field operations to bring answers to families of missing persons. Since that time, Lauth has been on a journey to become the best missing person investigator in the Midwest by helping families who have nowhere else to turn.

  • Independent objectivity

Lauth’s missing person investigators always approach each with an open mind and an open notebook. Despite the circumstances of the disappearance, each investigation begins with complete objectivity. It is important not to get tunnel vision when approaching a missing person investigation, because otherwise important leads can be missed, important evidence can be lost, and relevant witnesses can disappear. For example, in many missing teen cases, law enforcement may be inclined to believe that the missing teenager has run away or is simply hanging out with a significant other. This can lead to valuable time being lost, and eventually a stall in case progression. The best missing person investigator for the job will also consider the possibility that the teenager has been kidnapped and is in danger.

  • Comprehensive documentation

Lauth’s missing person investigators know that there is no detail too small when it comes to a missing person investigation. In the case of law enforcement, details are sometimes dismissed due to professional bias or lack of experience. The best missing person investigator knows that the family is a wealth of knowledge with it comes to missing person investigations, and each detail must be considered in conjunction with the circumstances of the case. Lauth missing person investigators also know which resources to comb for information, including databases and living witnesses in order to develop the maximum amount of leads possible.

  • Due-diligence

It’s very important that the best missing person investigator does not let any rock go unturned, or any lead go unconfirmed. Private investigators and missing person investigators who do not exercise reasonable due-diligence can risk following a lead for weeks on unreliable information. When a missing person investigator gets a lead, they must confirm that all the information in that lead is correct in order to proceed in the most efficient fashion. This best practice ensures that no valuable time is lost in the investigation. Lauth missing person investigators know that when it comes to your missing loved one, every second counts.

  • Qualified staff

The best missing person investigators develop their practice by implementing diverse experience and education in law enforcement, practice of the law, field operations, or all of the above. The Lauth missing person investigator team is comprised of former law enforcement and military personnel who have a combined experience of over 50 years in searching for missing persons.

  • Grateful clients
    • Lauth missing person investigators in particular have received a plethora of testimonials from grateful families and clients who have received clarity as a result of our comprehensive investigations. When law enforcement was unable or unwilling to help, Lauth missing person investigators have provided those families with the answers they needed, whether that means recovering their missing loved one, or bringing the narrative of their disappearance to light so their family can achieve some semblance of closure.

If your loved one has gone missing and your family needs crucial clarity, please consider the team of Lauth missing person investigators for your case. We can get your missing loved one’s story out there in the form of articles, missing person alert videos, and help your family raise funds to mitigate the financial impact. Lauth carries a glowing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and regularly receives 5-star reviews through Google. Call us today for a free quote on our missing person investigation services at 317-951-1100, or visit us online at www.lauthmissinstg.wpengine.com