Lauth Missing Person Blog

When it comes to your missing loved one,
you deserve advocacy and exposure.

As a private investigation firm, information is our passion, and Lauth Investigations International is dedicated to sharing valuable information on intelligence-related subjects and the intersectionality of corporate culture, risk assessment, and security. We not only want to connect our clients with the best private investigator for the job, but also connect users with resources and information on how intelligence investigations of all kinds can bring crucial context to their lives. Here, you’ll find answers to many of your questions about private investigations, including how they can improve corporations, provide crucial context, and provide peace of mind in uncertain times. 

Our blog regularly covers topics such as internal corporate investigations, corporate litigation, and compliance. Our passion for improving corporate culture is why we’re spreading the word on our corporate culture audit program so that businesses can see marked improvement in morale and productivity. You’ll also find articles on protecting your assets, child custody investigations, private investigation services, and ways to save money before you hire a private investigator for your personal or corporate crisis. We’re here to give you peace of mind, and that means giving you information you can trust in uncertain times.

In addition to spreading information on corporate and private client services, Lauth’s private investigators also specialize in missing person cases. On our sister site,, you’ll find a blog that is designated specifically for private investigations and its intersectionality with missing person and missing person investigator subjects, including tutorials and resources for families of missing persons, as well as coverage of missing person cases to spread awareness of cases and valuable information regarding how the intersectionality of these topics can effect investigations.  

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