Our niche team of investigators have a combined 50 years of experience conducting missing persons cases worldwide including Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Each investigator is assigned a case based on their experience and the elements of case complexities.
Please be advised, the additional investigators not listed here for reasons of confidentiality are all former FBI agents and law enforcement who conduct casework nationally.  We withhold their identity publicly until the strategy meeting between our team and families and stakeholders involved in the case. 
Thomas Lauth is the founder and CEO of Lauth Investigations

Thomas Lauth


After graduating from the Indianapolis police academy, Tom spent several years working as an Investigator with the Indianapolis District Attorney’s office. Thomas Lauth then founded Lauth Investigations International (LII) in 1995 which has expanded over the past nearly 30 years to include several offices throughout the United States. Thomas Lauth is considered an expert in missing persons and has been consulted by national media on several high-profile missing person’s cases over the years.

Christie Hass Executive Vice President at Lauth Investigations

Christie Haas

Executive Vice President

Christie is the Executive Vice President at Lauth Investigations International, Inc. and is responsible for the overall development and growth of the company.  Prior to joining Lauth Investigations, Ms. Haas developed and oversaw several key functional areas of the companies with which she was involved.  She is an expert at creating foundations from which a company can scale.  Most notably, she co-founded Luca Technologies, Inc., an Energy Biotechnology company serving as its Vice President and Corporate Secretary from 2001 through 2011 where she was the primary driver in the development and oversight of Luca’s initial scientific discoveries which effectively set the stage for the creation and development of the company in 2001.

Thomas Lauth is the founder and CEO of Lauth Investigations

Lyzzete Avila

Office Manager

Lyzzete Avila is the Office Manager for Lauth Investigations International. After getting her degree at Florida Technical University, she began a long career, working with people from all over the world. Her career has spanned working with a Marina, Real Estate and Probate Courts, as she was able to translate her skillset across several industries. Lyzzete now finds herself assisting those at Lauth. She is passionate about classic cars with her brother, traveling, restoring and selling them. Her favorite that they have found is the 1957 White Impala.

Thomas Lauth is the founder and CEO of Lauth Investigations


Intelligence Investigator

D.J. graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Master’s in Library and Information Science. She is a U.S. Navy Intelligence veteran who loves true crime podcasts, traveling with her family, and trying new foods. Her love for research, problem solving, and helping others led her to Lauth Investigations as an Intelligence Investigator.



Intelligence Investigator

T.Y. is an Intelligence Analyst at Lauth.  He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s in Communication, Sport Management, and Women’s and Gender Studies. T.Y. served four years in the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologic Technician with a Top Secret security clearance.  He enjoys learning about new places and cultures, live music, sports, and his cats. 

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Here is a recent review from one of our clients: Nicole Harris

“Thomas Lauth and his team are, quite simply, incredible. Smart, creative, compassionate, efficient, and always there. When my friend’s daughter went missing, we engaged Lauth to find her, and they did. The nightmare Lauth helped shepherd us through didn’t end there, however. The next phase involved getting the endangered young woman to safety. I still marvel at the quick-thinking, creative solutions Lauth and his team of caring experts came up with in the seconds, minutes, hours and days that followed. Lauth also acted quickly to provide a deep list of contacts (mental health, social workers, lawyers, advocates, organizations in Indianapolis where we were) to help us secure the young woman’s complex needs. For our unexpected, volatile, chaotic and heartbreaking situation, it was so very good to have Thomas Lauth’s steady expertise to count on. Can’t ever thank him and his lead investigator enough. Good luck to you in your quest.” Nicole Harris