Update: John Castic was found deceased in a Brooklyn Creek on Tuesday, August 3, 2023. The New York Police Department pulled him from the creek during their search for him. The city’s medical examiner’s office has not yet released the cause of death. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon remarked in a statement that he would be greatly missed, “We are all shocked and saddened to learn of John’s tragic passing. John was a dedicated, driven member of our Controllers team working closely with our Asset and Wealth Management business. Our thoughts are with his mother Dawn, his father Jeff, and his entire family at this very difficult time.”

The news cycle for American finance has been uniquely impacted this week after a report was filed for a missing Goldman Sachs analyst, who mysteriously disappeared following the conclusion of a New York City concert early Saturday morning. According to police, John Castic, 27, was last seen outside the Brooklyn Mirage in the neighborhood of Williamsburg around 2:30 am last Saturday morning after an electronic music show. The missing person flyer being circulated with his information denotes he was wearing a navy and white button-down floral shirt.

Since his disappearance, friends and family of John Castic have expressed great concern over the circumstances leading up to the moment he vanished. One friend, Sara Kostecka, took to Facebook to plead for the public’s help in finding the missing Goldman Sachs analyst, “One of my best friends, John Castic, went missing after the Zeds Dead show Friday night in NY. Any information would be greatly appreciated, as well as sharing this to anyone in NYC that might have seen him…I’m supposed to walk with him in my brother’s wedding next week…we just want to find John.” In addition to her plea, Kostecka also mentioned that there were rumors swirling about individuals who had been propositioned by “creepy people” to get into unsolicited vehicles like a “taxi/cab” in the area surrounding the Broklyn Mirage. Another friend, Jonah Shales, told Folx News Digital that no one has had any contact with Castic since his phone died after he left the venue on Saturday. Representatives for Goldman Sachs have not yet responded to media requests for comment.

Castic’s disappearance was not the first in recent weeks to be associated with the Brooklyn Mirage, but has not seen the amount of media attention Castic’s has received. On June 11, earlier this year, another young man, Karl Clemente, was turned away from the venue when he was observed to have been drinking alcohol according to EDM Identity, an online publication covering the colorful world of electronic dance music. Tragically, following his disappearance from the vicinity of the venue, Clemente was found dead in a creek bed nearby a week later. Clemente, a 27-year-old psychologist, was observed on surveillance footage entering a lumber warehouse near the Brooklyn Mirage after being denied entry. Police have yet to release a cause of death or a timeline of events leading up to Clemente’s death, nor have they been able to provide an update on the case of John Castic.