Ohio investigators were embroiled for weeks this June in a search for a 23-year-old Loveland woman who never came back from a walk. According to police, Alicia Kenny was listed as a critically missing person, indicating that investigators believe her to be in danger.  

According to Alicia’s family, she is a creative sort who often goes on walks to draw or write in the area’s local parks. Alicia’s mother, Marcy Kenny, told WLWT that the unanswered questions in her daughter’s disappearance were troubling, “It’s just really hard to think about what could happen. She’s just gone.” Prior to her being reported missing, Alicia’s backpack was discovered by a delivery driver in a subdivision in Loveland. The delivery driver turned the backpack over to the police who then returned it to Kenny’s home where she lived with her grandparents. “And that’s when everybody realized she wasn’t there, that when she left on Saturday night, she had never come home,” said Kenny. “In the backpack was her phone, her ID, her wallet, everything.”  

The fact that Alicia Kenny was not in possession of her most important personal belongings has only heightened the anxiety for her family. Among the belongings in her backpack was also Alicia’s personal Bible, which her family insists she would never have discarded. “All she has is literally the clothes on her back. Without that backpack, she has absolutely nothing. And honestly…we can’t think of any scenario where she would have put the backpack down and walked away willingly,” claimed Marcy Kenny.  

However, in a rare happy ending to a missing person search, police confirmed that they had found Alicia Kenny safe following her disappearance with the explanation that the 23-year-old just needed “a couple days to clear her head.” According to the statement from police, “Alicia Kenny was found this afternoon safe and unharmed and is currently in the care of her family members.”