Christian Hall vanished at age 15 from his home in Corpus Christi, TX on November 4, 2005. Six years have passed without any word from the teen classified as an Endangered Runaway in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database and profiled an age progression of what he might look like now on the website of the National Center for Missing Exploited Children.

Christian Glen Hall

Christian was sighted in the company of an adult David Todd Andrews, who also went by the name Captain Dusty. They were last seen on Andrew’s 54-foot yacht Gypsy II, docked by the John F. Kennedy Memorial Causeway that connects Laguna Madre and north Padre Island with the Texas mainland. Christian apparently periodically worked on Andrew’s boat as a deck hand. It is believed Christian left willingly with Captain Dusty. A missing child report was not made by his mother until January 2006.

David Andrews’ Gypsy II 54 ft. yacht

Prior to their disappearance, Andrews had told his family that he had recently been informed Christian was his biological son which has been dis-proven. The two had indicated they were bound for the Key West, FL approximately 650 miles away but never arrived.

After their departure, on November 26th, it is reported a radio transmission was made by Andrews reporting his boat was taking on water and the engine on the vessel was not working. Around the same time, a civilian boater also reported to the US Coastguard they had seen the Gypsy II in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 65 miles southeast of Cameron, off the coast of Louisiana but said the two men on board declined assistance. The US Coastguard conducted an extensive search of the area to include Falcon flyovers of the area but there were no signs of the boat. Statements from the US Coast Guard indicate heightened concern when a boat does not arrive at its destination especially during that time period following Hurricane Katrina and Rita that left a lot of floating debris in the water. Authorities also reported there had been a storm in the area the evening of the Mayday radio call.

When speculating on the cause of the pair’s disappearance, one must consider the many dangers while in open waters. Some of the most common are weather related disasters, human error, failure to conduct proper maintenance, collision with a submerged object, even piracy can be causes of Maritime disasters and disappearances.

Adding to the mystery and speculation of the pair’s disappearance were reports Andrews reportedly skipped bond on two charges of DUI. It is also reported Kidnapping charges were also filed against Andrews.
Skeptics on various Internet sites debate whether the Gypsy II really sank or if the pair may have even sent out the Mayday call to divert attention then quickly changed their route to another destination so Andrews could escape authorities and lived undetected. Regardless, there have been no signs of the two, leaving Christian’s family desperate for answers. The following YouTube Video was posted four long years ago by Christian’s family

DOB: 07/09/1990
RACE: White
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
WEIGHT: 120lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown
CHARACTERISTICS: Scar on upper lip.

DOB: 06/08/1966
RACE: White
HEIGHT: 5’ 11”
WEIGHT: 200lbs
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Brown/Black
CHARACTERISTICS: Scars on both legs


Corpus Christi Police Department
Detective J.R. Rodriguez
TEL: 361-886-2854

Texas Department of Public Safety
TEL: 800-346-3243