Mar 18 (THAINDIAN NEWS) In an epic cleaning fail, not to mention a major investigation fail, the body of Sony Millbrook, who has been missing from a Memphis hotel room since January, was found yesterday, March 17-almost 2 months later, stuffed under the bed in her hotel room 222 of the Budget Inn Motel.

The room had been rented out approximately five times in the the month and a half that the body was hidden beneath the bed, which has a metal frame bottom that sits on the floor. The mattress, box springs, and her body apparently were all fitted inside the metal box-frame. Millbrook was found yesterday when the smell finally drew attention…and detectives to the room. She is said to be the victim of a homicide.

Sony Millbrook had been reported missing to the Memphis Police Department on January 27 when she did not pick her kids up from school. Family members then told the police that she had been staying at the Budget Inn. The room had been locked that day for lack of payment, but her belongings had been taken out, the room has been “cleaned” and rented out many more times since then.

Millbrook’s sister, Linda James told reporters that she had begged the motel staff to let her check the room or to do it themselves, and they refused. “I begged. I didn’t raise my voice. But I begged,” James told the Fox news crew. “I begged that front desk staff to please go check the room and they refused.” She said if they had just checked the room, or the investigators had even done so, her sister would have been found long before now. “As far as I know, my sister could’ve been living and just suffered,” she said, adding, “If the housekeeper was in there cleaning the rooms, why didn’t they check underneath the beds?”

During the investigation of the missing woman which apparently never included a room search, Millbrook’s boyfriend, LaKeith Moody was interrogated, and later arrested on a gun violation charge. Moody, who is the father of Millbrook’s four kids, is still being held.

Memphis police’s deputy chief of investigative services,Joseph Scott, said to that they’ve “never heard of anything like this…It’s stranger than fiction.” Reportedly, a homicide investigator had simply spoken with two clerks and a security guard, found out that the room had been locked for lack of payment and her belongings removed, and told that the family had picked up the items from hotel staff and took them home. Why did no one search this room?!