The Disappearance of Miguel Scott

19 year old Miguel Scott went missing from Evergreen Park in Bremerton, WA at approximately 10pm on the night of October 27, 2011. Scott had allegedly been at the park with some friends, who report the last time they saw him was around 10pm that night.

Scott’s mother, Rosemarie Herrera, stated that Miguel had never run away before and she doesn’t think he would, as he had plans to finish school and enter into the Navy. Miguel’s mother also said she had heard rumors that Miguel might be in debt to some people, but that it was never proven.

Friends said when they last saw Miguel, he was in good spirits. Cell phone records indicate his last usage was at 6:56pm the night of October 27, and that he has not logged into Facebook as he would normally do daily.

Rewards have been offered.

Anyone with any information regarding Mr. Scott’s disappearance or if anyone sees him they are urged to contact the Bremerton Police Department at (360) 473-5220

Description of Miguel Scott

Gender: Male
Race: Asian
Age: 19
Physical: Jaw wired shut due to recent surgery, scar on left side of his chin
Alexis Mills is a Volunteer for the and a recent graduate of Purdue University