Lina Sardar Khil

San Antonio Police are no closer to finding 4 year-old Lina Sardar Khil, an adorable little girl who vanished from a park near her family’s home at the Villa Del Cabo apartment complex six months ago. She was last seen on December 20, 2021 at the park in the 9400 block of Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio in the late afternoon between 4:30 PM and 5:10 PM according to San Antonio Police. She left her mother’s sight for an undetermined amount of time before her disappearance was realized.  

The case has changed hands from the missing person’s unit of San Antonio’s police department to the special victim’s unit over the course of those six months in order to allocate resources for the case that are typically reserved for abduction cases—not missing person cases. “We still don’t have any evidence or proof it was an abduction,” said Police Chief William McManus said in an interview. “It’s kind of a hybrid missing person and abduction…If there were video, if there were any kind of evidence of an abduction, we would have classified it as an abduction. But since we don’t have that, we can’t classify it as an abduction. ” The FBI has also joined the search for Lina Sardar Khil.  

While police continue to pull resources into the case in pursuit of answers, there is still a family missing Lina every day, and feeling her absence in their lives. “Her light is missing from her family and community,” said Pamela Allen, a representative of the Khil family, “Our continuous prayer is that she will be back in the arms of those that love her.” Lina’s family is part of the Afghan community in San Antonio, Texas, having come to the U.S. back in 2019.  

Little Lina has brown eyes, straight brown hair, and was last seen wearing a black jacket, red dress, and black shoes according to police.