Milagros Perez Peraulta

Lauth Investigations International has joined the cold-case search for missing expectant mother Milagros Perez Peraulta, who was abducted from the sidewalk in front of a New York State building on South 5th Street in Brooklyn, New York on August 30, 1976. Investigators are preparing to bring new light to this cold case by virtue of ancestry databases and comprehensive due-diligence.

At the time of her disappearance, Milagros was only 22 years old and four months pregnant. She was living with her boyfriend on 33rd Street in Astoria, NY. On August 30, 1976, Milagros was exiting what was at the time a New York State unemployment office building. She was pulled into a vehicle by a Latino male in his late 60s, or early 70s, believed to be a man named Raul who lived in her neighborhood. At the time of her disappearance, discrepancies in reporting within missing person investigations could have delayed the search for the expectant mother.

Missing person cases present their own set of unique challenges with diverse nuance—circumstances that are only further exacerbated by the passage of time. Leads de-materialize, evidence is eroded, and witnesses disappear. However, blowing the dust off a cold case means getting fresh eyes on the information available, and fresh approaches to existing leads. This can increase the likelihood of case progression, even after decades. Lauth investigators are hopeful to unearth new leads in Milagros’ case through ancestry DNA databases in hopes of identifying living family members who may be able to answer crucial questions in the case.

Lauth investigators are prepared to turn over every rock in pursuit of answers on what happened to Milagros Perez Peraulta. If you have any information on Milagros’ disappearance, please contact Lauth Investigators through our confidential tip line at (317)-675-6701.