aidan spear

Aidan Spear, a 21-year-old Indigenous woman, was reported missing on February 22, 2022. She stands at 5’6”, weighs approximately 120lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. Detectives currently believe she may be somewhere in the Hosmer St. area of Tacoma, Washington.

Among many friends in loved ones, one of the people praying earnestly for Aidan’s safe return is her mother, Jessica Brown, who describes her as “…one of the kindest people you would ever meet.” Aidan is Jessica’s first and only daughter, who displayed a propensity for hard work and a deep love for her family and friends, especially her little brother. She was also involved in extra-curricular activities, such as being a part of her school’s swim team.

According to Jessica, Aidan began to develop substance abuse and mental health issues in high school, but Jessica continued to support and stand by her daughter every step of the way, taking her to see doctors who claimed they could not give a clear answer for how to proceed with treatment. Aidan has been houseless for four years, but Jessica has continued to support her daughter, and maintained regular contact with her during that time.

In January, there was an improvement in Aidan’s prognosis as she was getting ready to enter a rehabilitation center. Jessica felt as if there was good chance that her daughter would finally get the help she needed. However, on January 21, when she and Aidan were supposed to meet prior to entering the center, that tender hope quickly began to fade. Aidan claimed that before entering the center, she wanted to say goodbye to someone, reassuring her mother, “I’m still going to go, I’m really serious about this, but I have to say goodbye to them so I’m going to be a little late.” That was the last time Jessica heard from her daughter  

That was four months ago, which Jessica says is the longest she’s ever gone without speaking to her daughter, even during her period of houselessness. Despite the outcry for help in locating her missing daughter, Jessica has reported instances of cruel people online who have dismissed her child’s disappearance, “She’s just another addict to them…I need people to know that she’s not. They’re not just another addict, like—somebody loves them. They’re someone’s whole world.”

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating Aidan’s disappearance, but Jessica wishes to raise money to fund an independent investigation into her daughter’s disappearance to increase the chances of her being found. Anyone with any information on the current whereabouts of Aidan Spear are encouraged to call the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department at 253-798-7530.