In Washington, the list of missing Indigenous people continues to grow with 109 open cases as of March 16, 2022. Twenty-five percent of those cases are associated with the Yakama Reservation in Yakima County. These cases are scattered over multiple jurisdictions, and as disparity in attention and resources allow for fluctuating closure rates, they’ll have to make room for another case—a Crow Nation tribal woman who had been living in Montana before traveling to Washington. Freda Jane Knowshisgun was last seen at the Kennewick Walmart on October 18, 2016.

Freda Knowshisgun was a 34-year-old mother of three at the time of her disappearance. She was in Washington and finding herself in need of money to get home. One of her friends offered to send her the money via an online wire transfer that she could pick up at the Kennewick Walmart. However, Fred never picked up the money, and all attempts to contact her by phone suddenly stopped.  The family reported her missing in November when Fred failed to show up to the funeral of an aunt.

The date Knowshisgun was last seen is almost five years ago, but Washington is just now adding her to their list of missing persons. This is because she was reported missing in Montana, but having her information on file in their database as well is prudent in assuring the transparency of information between jurisdictions. Having her on both states’ lists will make it easier for investigators to communicate with one another should either of them find evidence relevant to her disappearance.

At least once a month, State Patrol publishes an updated list of active missing Indigenous person cases on its website. This list is updated as of March 1.

Anyone with information about any of these cases should call the reporting agency. People may provide information anonymously by calling Yakima County Crime Stoppers at 800-248-9980. Tips can be submitted online at