A city ordinance means a grandmother has been ordered to stop posting fliers about her missing 17-year-old granddaughter. It’s been almost a year since 17-year-old Paige Johnson went missing and her family is not giving up hope that she will be found.
Paiger Johnson

Paige’s grandmother, Jenny Roderick, has posters all over her car and has been putting them all over Covington, including on utility poles. But after a complaint, the city took action and asked her to take them down.

Roderick says putting up the posters help her hold onto hope her granddaughter will be found. “We miss Paige something fierce. And we want her home, you know, even if it is the other way. We still want her home and this is what keeps me going.”

The Covington City Manager says regardless of what the posters say, they have to come down. They can be posted in store windows or bulletin boards only.