The case of a missing rideshare driver who has disappeared from Lafayette Parish, Louisiana is getting more attention following the news that the case will now be investigated as a homicide. Ella Quiana Goodie has not been seen since March 9, 2022, and according to Louisiana State Police, they will be shifting the scope of the investigation from a missing person search to a homicide investigation “based on investigative techniques and statements.”

March 9 was the last time any friends or family heard from the missing rideshare driver. Her sister-in-law posted on Facebook that Goodie was going to drive to Texas to drop off a rideshare customer, but no contact since then. One of the most puzzling aspects of the case has been the evidence yielded from traffic cam footage. According to Scott Police Chief, Chad Leger, the Audi was observed on Interstate 10 driving towards Texas—only to be observed 12 hours later coming back into Louisiana. However, the next day, the vehicle was also observed north of Dallas.

While adults have the right to go missing if they so choose, what is chilling and concerning about the case is the discovery of her vehicle multiple states away from her last known whereabouts. About a month after she was last seen, St. Joseph Police located Goodie’s black 2012 Audi Q5 in St. Joseph, Missouri, but no sign of the missing rideshare driver.

Since the inception of the investigation, there has been at least one person of interest involved in the case—Brandon Francisco. Francisco was arrested by U.S. Marshals on March 25 in St. Joseph where Goodie’s car was found on an unrelated warrant stemming from Rapides Parish. Authorities continue to search for the missing rideshare driver.

Goodie is a 5-foot, 3-inch Black woman who weighs about 170 pounds. She was last seen wearing a denim jacket and blue pants.