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29-year-old Chansotheavy Young, a Cambodian national currently on a music tour in the United States, has been returned safely to her manager in San Diego after having been missing for nearly a week.

According to a statement released by Young’s employer, Khmer Entertainment of America, she returned to San Diego on Sunday.

“She is well, safe and under our care as her U.S. sponsor and employer,” Khmer Entertainment of America wrote on their Facebook page.

KEA thanked the San Diego Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit for their dedication and diligence while working on the case, and for helping to return the singer to them safely. KEA also thanked the various San Diego news outlets including, FOX 5 – San Diego, NBC 7 – San Diego and ABC’s 10News – San Diego, for bringing the case to the attention of the public.

Details regarding Chansotheavy’s disappearance are still unknown. Due to the ongoing investigation, it is also unclear whether or not Young left San Diego on her own volition.

KEA says it plans to post updates on its Facebook page as more details regarding the case become available to the public.

“At this time, we cannot comment any further pending the open investigation,” KEA announced on Sunday.

Although Young was not scheduled to leave San Diego the day she disappeared, and took no personal belongings with her when she left, it was believed that she could have been headed to Everett, Washington. It is still uncertain why investigators considered Everett to be a possible destination for Young.

Sometime after her disappearance, Young’s Facebook page was deactivated, which led a few worried fans to post on KEA’s Facebook page asking why this might be. KEA did not respond to these questions, and it is still unclear why Young’s Facebook page had been taken down. As of this writing, her Facebook page remains deactivated.

Young’s cell phone had also been turned off during the time that she was missing. Her manager, Lim Cheang, became concerned on Monday, Jan. 4, when she didn’t answer her door to take a call from a friend on the East Coast. After realizing that her cell phone was turned off, Cheang began by checking the security camera at his home and later started a neighborhood search with a friend.

According to KEA, Young’s current visa is valid until April 2016 so that she can perform for the Cambodian New Year here in the United States. It is unclear whether or not she plans to stay in the US, considering her recent disappearance, in order to perform on April 13 for the celebration of the Cambodian New Year.

To see a clip of Chansotheavy performing, watch NBC San Diego’s coverage of her disappearance.

Aaron Snyder, Writer, Lauth Missing Persons Blog