morgan nick

On June 9, 1995, mother Colleen found herself facing the worst fear of any parent. Her daughter, Morgan Nick, was abducted from an Alma ballfield when only six years old. The only clue to how the child may have disappeared were witness descriptions of a red Ford pickup with a white camper parked nearby, that vanished at about the same time as Morgan.

While 26 years have passed since Morgan Nick became a missing child, a recent documentary has reawaken interest in the case. Read on to discover the story of Morgan Nick’s disappearance, and the crucial role that missing person assistance can play when a child is deemed missing and endangered.

With Friends at a Little League Ball Game

Morgan Nick’s mother had taken her daughter to attend a little league ball game in Alma, Arkansas in the evening of June 9. As the night set in, Morgan had joined friends in an innocent moment of fun as they tried to catch lightning bugs. At 10.45 pm, Morgan was seen standing close to her mother’s car. The young girl had stopped for a moment to empty sand from her shoes. The very next moment, she was gone.

In the hunt that ensued, witnesses revealed having noticed a man watching Morgan as she played with her friends. He was described as white, with a moustache and 1-inch beard, roughly 6 feet in height, with a medium to solid build, and estimated to be between 23 and 38 years of age. There were also reports of a red Ford pickup parked nearby that was mounted with a mismatched white camper. The truck was a short wheelbase vehicle with ageing paintwork, and the camper was said to be too short for the truck. While neither the vehicle nor man have ever been found or identified, the pickup and camper remain a central focus in associated missing person investigations today.

The Hope That Morgan Is Still Out There

At the time of her disappearance, Morgan was approximately 4 feet tall, weighing around 55 pounds, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Today, Morgan would be 24 years old, and while her appearance may have changed, visible silver caps on 5 of her molars may still remain as indicators to her identity. Over the course of each of the missing person investigations that have picked up the hunt for Morgan, thousands of leads have emerged, although none have brought the facts of what happened to the youngster to light.

A sizeable investigation conducted by both the FBI and local authorities continues, with a $60,000 reward offered to anyone with information that leads to the recovery of Morgan and the identification of those responsible for her abduction. Mother Colleen highlights that the authorities are still appealing for information about the truck, asking that anyone with recollection of the vehicle please “find the courage to call police and report anyone you might have known who drove a truck like that back in 1995.”

A Documentary Triggers New Leads

In April of this year, a documentary called Still Missing Morgan aired regionally. Following its debut, Colleen’s hope was reignited when 200 leads were called in, some of which had never been reported before. Morgan’s family are holding on to the belief that she may be alive and still out there, waiting to be found. The recent surge in interest following fresh publicity goes to show that it is never too late to uncover previously unseen clues. We can only hope that one may soon lead to the answers that Morgan Nick’s family so justly deserve.

Seeking Missing Person Assistance in Your Moment of Need

When a parent faces the stark reality of a missing child, there can be no doubt that they’ll want every pair of hands and every resource possible called into action. Beyond local and federal authorities, there are other places to which a family in the grips of such a crisis can turn for help. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children offer additional support—as continues to be the case in the search for Morgan Nick.
Meanwhile, a specialist firm like Lauth Missing Persons is not only equipped to turn dedicated and focused expertise to the task of locating your loved one, but they are also highly experienced in creating effective fundraising campaigns with Go Fund Me, giving families the upper hand as they drop everything, offer rewards, and act from the heart. If you, or anyone you know, is concerned about a person who may be missing, contact our team today to discover how we can help.