Strange Circumstances in the Seychelles: The Sombre Story Of Annie and Robin Korkki

Strange Circumstances in the Seychelles: The Sombre Story Of Annie and Robin Korkki

While the role of an international private investigator usually revolves around people missing overseas, at times a mystery arises in another form all together. Such was the case when, in 2016, sisters Annie and Robin Korkki were found dead on the same hotel bed in the Seychelles. Both from Minnesota, U.S., the pair had been enjoying the holiday of a lifetime. When their sudden deaths both shocked and fascinated the world, it became the task of those at the helm of the case to deconstruct the perplexing circumstances that surrounded the sisters’ death, and provide much needed answers to both their family and the public.

An Unexplained Loss Of Life

On the 15th September of 2016, Annie and Robin Korkki had arrived at the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa in the Seychelles, having already journeyed through Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. Rounding off their Africa trip with a stay at this exclusive holiday destination—where rooms are reported to have cost $2,000 a night at the time of their visit—the two women were seen making the most of the decadent setting, relaxing in the hotel’s bars.

On the night of September 21st, Anne “Annie” Korkki and Robin Korkki—37 and 42 years of age respectively—were helped by a butler to return to their room at the end of the evening. Locking the door behind them, what happened to the sisters next remains partially unclear. The following morning, as the hours passed, resort staff noticed that the door remained locked, tried to wake the women, and then reported their concern to local police. Upon investigating, the authorities discovered both of the Korkki sisters lying motionless on the bed and quickly identified them as deceased.

A Series of Strange Circumstances

News of the tragic deaths of Annie and Robin Korkki soon reached the international media, and reports emerged that medications were taken from the room as part of the investigation, but that the room was undisturbed with no signs of struggle, and that no illegal substances had been discovered. Initial postmortem results revealed that Annie Korkki’s lungs were full of fluid—described as acute pulmonary and cerebral edema—while only Robin’s lungs had been effected. While these indicators gave some clue to the circumstances of the two women’s deaths, what had triggered these symptoms remained a mystery.

Speaking with the Chicago Tribune, a forensic pathologist shared that any number of things could have caused the edema, including drugs or poisons. And yet, both of the sisters were in good health, seasoned travelers, and upstanding citizens—with the elder working as a financial trader in Chicago and the younger at a JPMorgan Chase in Denver. As media interest continued to swirl around the concerning case, the Korkki family arrived on the islands and coordinated with the local authorities and U.S. embassy to arrange bringing the bodies of their loved ones home, all the while hoping to find answers.

Some Clarity But a Sadly Sombre Conclusion

Months after the passing of Annie and Robin Korkki, a conclusive toxicology report was finally released in December of 2016. The police concluded their investigation, announcing that both Korkki sisters had died following a lethal combination of codeine, morphine, and alcohol. Their statement shared that the deaths of the sisters were determined to be accidental. While this final revelation in the Korkki case brought at least partial of closure to the sisters’ story, a degree of mystery will always remain as to how such a tragic loss of life could have come to pass.
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