Did Ashley Carroll Ever Really Leave Albany, NY?

Did Ashley Carroll Ever Really Leave Albany, NY?

Ashley Carroll Summary of Disappearance
Ashley Carroll, 24, was reported missing on May 6, 2010, from Albany, NY. Ashley was allegedly supposed to be traveling to New York City that weekend to meet some friends. She was last seen at 1st Street and Quail Street in Albany, where she was dropped off by her friend Courtney Deaton. It was reported that Ashley had been fighting with her boyfriend, Jermon McLean, the morning of her disappearance. The area where Ashley was dropped off is a neighborhood known to be frequented by her boyfriend.

It was believed that Ashley’s plan was to meet with McLean, pack some of her belongings for her trip, and then head to NYC where she was going to stay with some friends. She intended to return on May 9, which was Mother’s Day. Ashley had left her one year old daughter, Arionnah, with a friend while she went away. Reports say there is no indication that she ever made it to the city. Her family questions whether or not she ever even left, as her jewelry was still at her apartment.

Background on Ashley Carroll
Ashley was in-between jobs at the time of her disappearance. Her family states that this is out of character for her, as Ashley would never leave her daughter or her family without notifying anyone.

Description of Ashley Carroll
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 140
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Defining Characteristics: Last seen at 1st and Quail St in Albany, NY on May 6, 2010 wearing a black t-shirt, light colored jeans and flip flops; Tattoo right arm: “Arionnah”, tattoo left hand: “Steve” – red & black, tattoo right foot: rosary with cross “Maria”, tattoo left side of neck: “Steve”, tattoo lower back: tribal, tattoo on calf: tiger cub, tattoo right wrist: “What goes around comes round”, tattoo right calf: tiger, tattoo right thigh: cat paws.
If you have any information about Ashley, you’re asked to contact either the Rensselaer Police Department at (518) 462-7451 or Albany Police Department at (518) 458-5660. You can also contact Ashley’s mother Margaret at 518-334-1680.

Alexis Mills is a Volunteer for the MissingPersonsNetwork.org and a recent graduate of Purdue University