July 6, 2004

Dear Fellow Non-Profit Agencies:

The National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA), a division of the Nation’s Missing Children Organization, Inc. provides assistance to families and law enforcement in the search for missing persons. NCMA is a federally and publicly supported nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of abduction and the safe recovery of missing persons with primary focus on adults determined by law enforcement to be endangered due to foul play, diminished mental capacity, physical disability or suspicious circumstances.

NCMA does not investigate leads and is considered a support to law enforcement in efforts to generate new information assisting investigators with the progression of the investigation. Any information provided to this agency is Immediately forwarded to the responsible law enforcement agency. NCMA networks Information with other missing person agencies such as your own, medical facilities, medical examiners and law enforcement agencies nationwide.

One of the many resources we offer to families of missing persons Is to utilize the services of a Private Investigator when we are not able to assist. Since Its inception in 1994, this organization has only referred Thomas Lauth of Lauth & Associates Investigations, Inc. to families seeking the assistance of a Private Investigator on a frequent basis. He has proven himself to be very reputable and successful at the cases we refer to him. He has also reunited many families that our organization has recommended to him.

Mr. Lauth credentials indicate that he has a high success rate at locating individuals
and we have also found this to be true. He not only utilizes various resources to hel p locate Individuals, but he frequently follows up with them after they are located to see how they are transitioning.

We will continue to utilize Thomas Lauth’s services in the future. His assistance with this organization and the many families of missing persons that we refer him to give hope to the possibility that these families will once again be able to hold their loved ones In their arms. We highly recommend the services he provides to these families of missing persons.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us. We can be reached at 1-800-690-3463. Thank you.

Erin M. Bruno
Case Manager