Dear Tom,

Recently my son was missing and we had no where to turn until we found you. He had taken off for work and never got there. No one knew where he was, the police couldn’t help us because he was of age. I
called the missing children’s hot line.’

If any parent is in out situation l recommend highly that they call you. You were so helpful and kind to us. You understood just how worried we were.

You met my husband in Mass., where we finally figured out where my son was. You stayed there until he was found and let us contact him. Your kindness and professional manner was of great comfort to us in out time of need. It is so hard to not know where your child is. Anyone going through these hard times needs to know there is an origination out there that cares and handles the problem for you.

You don’t know what you gave back to us. My son means the world to me and getting him back made my world complete again.