Tijomirov, Emilia

Emilia Tijomirov is a claims researcher at Lauth Investigations International: Return Assets Division. She is currently enrolled in University, and is pursuing a degree in Psychology. After living abroad in Germany (where she found a passion for assisting children and their families), she’s found her way to assisting people here at Lauth Investigations. She’s very passionate about assisting others and prides herself on being approachable.

Benner, Tim

Tim Benner is a claims Researcher for Lauth Investigations, Return Assets Division.

Terra, Lisa

Lisa Terra is a Claims Researcher for Lauth Investigations, Return Assets Division.

Tomaszewski, Emilia

After a 20 plus year career in the publishing industry, I am currently pursuing my B.S. in Legal Studies with a minor in Criminal Justice. I am an avid reader and my all time favorite hobby is fishing! I am driven to provide the best possible customer service and approach each client situation with an eagerness to serve.

Thornton, Anita

Anita has earned a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master’s degree in human resources management. Anita also has an ABA- approved paralegal certificate from Roosevelt University. Anita previously worked in law enforcement and has an extensive customer service background.