Stuth, Kenton

Kenton’s professional life is dedicated to empowering others. Here at Lauth Investigations International: Return Assets Division, his mission is to locate and return assets to their rightful owners. Kenton is passionate about the mission and is ready to incorporate tenacity, creativity and honesty into his work habits. When not pursuing returning assets to their rightful owners, Kenton loves making experiences with his lovely wife and their five self-reliant grown children, as well as four grand-children help to keep him young at heart. Golfing, biking, beach combing and traveling are fun too!

Sharpe, Austin

Austin occupies himself with Research & Development aspects of being a Claim’s Researcher. He has studied various subjects like Economics, Psychology & Management. Austin has a passion for traveling to both car shows and to concerts. A very social person, his motivation while working with the Return Assets Division has been a real asset to his team. Austin is very goal-oriented and wishes to continue his career path in leadership.

Shane, Diane

Diane has over a decade experience in Real Estate building strong relationships and helping others achieve their goals. Specializing in Customer Service she believes that a foundation of honesty and integrity leads to positive solutions. In her spare time Diane enjoys painting and spending quality time with family and friends.

Paris, Susan

Susan is a lifelong resident of Nashville, TN and graduated from the University of Memphis with a BA in Business and Social Sciences. She has over two strong decades of experience in Sales and Customer Service. She enjoys building strong relationships and helping others achieve their goals. She has a passion for history and performing genealogical research. Susan loves animals and currently has two rescue dogs. She enjoys spending free time with family and friends, and attending live music events.

Scholz, Bryan

Bryan has a BA from the University of California Davis. A serial entrepreneur who has worked extensively for IT and tech startups in the US and Europe, he is experienced managing multi-faceted issues with multiple stakeholders. Bryan is great at solving problems, and very passionate about returning money and assets to their rightful owners!