Susan Thompson

Susan Thompson is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Community History, with a particular interest in Wales and in early Southern US migration. She has been creatively hunting down ancestors since the age of 10 and took that childhood passion into her professional career . Always thinking outside the box.

With her combined 5 years as a client manager in the heir search industry, as well as her genealogical research experience, Susan brings a unique combination of understanding the probate process. She is able to explain and help the heirs through the probate process.

Susan enjoys spending time with her family in Florida, creative writing, live musical performances and watching college and professional football (Go 49ers!).


Michelle Gray is the Chief Business Development Officer of the Heir Search Division.

From her time working on her first business venture in Cleveland, Ohio, she brings 12 years of solid understanding to the Heir Search Industry. She is a trusted partner who has developed the expertise and credentials that are essential to Lauth Investigations International, Inc., and specifically to heirs. She does this through learning and working with probate application, creating, and implementing new processes and procedures for consistency and completeness. Her business savviness has led her to work exclusively with startup companies, development, and operations in a wide range of fields for privately owned companies, and now finds herself with Lauth.

On a personal level, you will always find Michelle helping in any way she can by putting her heart and soul into everything she does in life, and never taking anything for granted. Michelle lives in Florida with her husband Gary, her beautiful daughter Dominique and wonderful son in law Kevin, whom resides in Germany. Michelle wants to let her family know how very proud she is of who they have become and their accomplishments. She loves being on the water, and spending quality time with her family.



I have been in sales for almost 12 years with Staples. I have learned a lot about client relations and finding solutions. I have been a leader of several teams for the past 5 years.