Case Study | Missing Person | Punch Card

Independence is a valuable to a young person, but what happens when that independence puts them in danger?

Lauth missing person investigators were contacted by parents whose minor child had recently gone missing. He had departed their family home to report for his shift at a local retail store. After receiving calls from the store inquiring as to his whereabouts, the parents realized that he never made it to work, and reached out to Lauth for solutions.

The Investigation

Lauth quickly began working with the family to map out the minor boy’s daily schedule—school, extra curriculars, friends, and his work schedule.

Lauth missing person investigators traveled the route the Subject traveled every day in search of leads in his disappearance. Using verified databases, Lauth determined that the child had been in a car accident after only two days. Lauth confirmed that he was in the hospital in a coma,  and because he had left his wallet at home on the day of the accident, the hospital had not been able to identify him.

The Solution

Lauth missing person investigators immediately contacted the family to tell them the name of the hospital where their son was in a coma. When Lauth conducted a follow-up call after a few weeks.