Case Study | Missing Person | Missing & Mentally Ill

When your missing loved one is mentally ill, it presents a series of challenges for law enforcement and missing person investigators alike.

Lauth missing person investigators were contacted by parents whose minor child had recently gone missing. He had departed their family home to report for his shift at a local retail store. After receiving calls from the store inquiring as to his whereabouts, the parents realized that he never made it to work, and reached out to Lauth for solutions.

The Investigation

Lauth missing person investigators traveled to the state where the 18-year-old went missing and sat down with the Clients and began building a background profile on their son.

After completing the background profile, Lauth investigators proceeded to canvass the neighborhood where the young man went missing, identifying the human sources in the case who could provide crucial context for the weeks leading up to his disappearance. Lauth reached out to law enforcement and missing person non-profit organizations to collaborate on developing the best strategy for location.

The Solution

After a day of investigation, Lauth missing person investigators determined the Subject had been coerced into leaving home, and was being forced into sex-slavery by a person he had met on the internet. Lauth developed a rapport with the Subject and convinced him to return home with the investigator