Case Study | Missing Person | Flight or Fight

Missing person investigators are able to bring closure to families in crisis, like in the case of a missing sister and nephew.

Lauth investigators were contacted by a long-suffering brother the Client, who had been searching for his sister and his nephew, the Subjects, for two years. The Subjects had been living in a home with the sisters abusive second husband for about three years when they both went missing. The Client had been working with state and local law enforcement to find his sister and her child, but because there was no evidence of foul play, and the husband had an alibi for the time they went missing, there had been very few leads in the case, and with no evidence of violence, the case had fallen down the list of the priorities for law enforcement. That’s when the brother contacted Lauth Investigations International.

The Investigation

Lauth’s missing person investigators sat down with the client to build a background profile on the mother and son and identify the human sources in their lives who might be able to provide further context.

Among many, the lingering questions for the family, one of the most pressing was whether the Client’s sister and her child went missing of their own accord, or if they had met a violent end. After identifying a close family friend who was close with the sister in the weeks before her disappearance, Lauth missing person investigators discovered that the sister had been formulating a plan to leave for some time, planning an exit strategy, and finding resources to deal with the fallout. After developing a rapport with the witness, Lauth missing person investigators eventually concluded that the Subjects had fled their residence in the middle of the night while the allegedly abusive husband was working an overnight shift.

The Solution

With the testimony from the witness, Lauth missing person investigators were able to track the Subjects to a neighboring state. The Subject was living under a different name for the protection of herself and her minor son. Lauth investigators were able to facilitate communication between the Subject and her brother, finally bringing a grieving family some closure.